Wednesday, 4 September 2013

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Swap

I joined the FRIENDS swap over @ Sew Prim Khris
 These are the lovely gifts my wonderful partner Lorraine  @ The Balancing Kiwi sent me.

F: Fish
R: Roses Chocolates and Rose Drawer Liners
I: Iron (travel steam)
E: Embroidery Threads
N: Notebook
D: Dishcloths
S: Shopping Tote

Thankyou so much for organizing the swap Khris I really enjoyed it.

There was a bit of trauma with the parcel I sent. When it arrived it was open and the letters F and N were missing. Not good! I haven't had a problem like this before and I didn't want Lorraine to miss out so I popped a couple of replacements in the mail. I'll post those pics when I know Lorraine has received them.

I have joined the Sunday Stitches stitch-a-long @ Chrissie Crafts here is what I did on Sunday and believe it or not I finished it too (it never even made it to the WIP pile a miracle)

I think this is my favourite thread catcher. I love it. :)

Happy Stitching
Melanie xxx


  1. Love the thread catcher Melanie - it is so pretty! So glad you enjoyed the swap.

  2. LOVE your little thread catcher, it's gorgeous - such pretty fabric and the little robin is just perfect.
    I'm joining in with the stitch-along too :-)
    Happy Wednesday,

  3. Love the little birdie on your thread catcher, it's a lovely make.

  4. What a fantastic stitching project! I absolutely love it - pretty AND functional, the perfect make! I'm giggling that you've joined my SAL and you're already ahead of me... ;-) We're going to have lots of fun, thanks for joining in! Chrissie x

  5. I've recently been having my share of trauma from the mail. Namely, the carrier just randomly decided that we no longer lived here and returned everything! Ugh. Anyway, your thread catcher is totally adorable! And what lovely goodies from your swap!