Saturday, 29 November 2014

Busy busy......

It's been such a hectic couple of weeks getting swaps ready for the off. Thankfully now they are all done and off to their recipients. It didn't help when the computer went kaput too, I think it may be on it's last legs!

Just the rest of my handmade presents to make now. That should keep me busy for the next couple of weeks.

I really enjoyed making this Crochet Peppermint bunting, it was nice and quick to put together. The pattern was free on HERE

 I love the cute Robin mini Santa Sack for a swap on Flickr.

I've started to crochet these Fairy Lights this patterns free too on Ravelry. I might use these on the tree and make some more with silver tops, as my lovely children think these look like demented chilli peppers. Thanks kids! What a lovely vote of confidence. It's a good job I love them ;)

Have a great weekend.

Melanie xxx

Monday, 10 November 2014


It was that time of the month again when Cheryll hosts her FNWF over at her place.

I stitched a couple of things but one of them is a Christmas gift so no pics of that until later.

I decided that Hilda hare needed a more festive look as she was still in her summer attire. So I set to choosing the fabric there were a couple of different ones in the running but in the end I plumped for this one!
I think she looks very nice in her new pinafore and "hare" clip. All ready for the festivities to begin.

Have a great week

Melanie xxx

Saturday, 1 November 2014


It was party time as our's last night.
We had a great time and the children had so much fun!
There were lots of trick or treaters.

I nearly forgot to show the Autumn Swap I sent to Amy.
I made her a Log Cabin Table Runner/Wall Hanging and A cute Owl Brooch, and sent other goodies I thought she might like.
 I'm not quite sure what happened to this photo but it will only load onto blogger in portrait even though I've rotated it. So you'll have to tilt your head a little to see it.
Owl Brooch
Log Cabin runner.

It's back to present making mode now. 

That Santa list isn't going to make itself!

Melanie xxx