Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Santa Sack Swap Goodies

I was totally spoiled by Pauline.
Thank you very much. Here are the wonderful things she sent me. 
I am so looking forward to using them when my hand is back in full working order. which I hope won't be long, not being able to sew is driving me crazy.

I would like to thank Cheryll
 who arranged the swap. I have really enjoyed it.

Melanie xxx

Friday, 14 December 2012

Final Day of One week of Christmas

Well it's the final day and I have really enjoyed sharing some of my Christmas photos with you. I would like to say a big thankyou to Cheryll @ Gone Stitchin for hosting the link.

The quilt I made a couple of years ago in a bit of a hurry. A friend came around admiring a Christmas Log Cabin quilt I had on the back of my sofa. So that one went home with her and I didn't have much time to make another. I really like it though.

My two cutie cushions I made when I first started quilting. All the snow on them is embellished using fabric glitter glue. All the quilting is done in golden thread.

This garland was made as a gift a few Christmases ago by Pat and I put it on my recipe book shelf every year.

I've loved hopping over to other blogs to see how other people decorate for Christmas.
Melanie xxx

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Day Four: One Week Of Christmas

Well it is day four of Cheryll's One Week Of Christmas and these are the pics I have for you today.

Tree Cutter Teddy

Prim Door Hanger

Nesting Santa's

Sorry it's a short on today but just getting things together for the hospital tomorrow.
Fingers crossed not I'm not in to much pain and can do my last post on One Week of Christmas.
Melanie xxx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Day Three: One week Of Christmas

I thought today I would show you Lily's Christmas decorations. This is her pink tree with heart and teardrop baubles. She has decided to put it on top of my oak blanket box on the landing. She also decided to use my Christmas Pudding runner.

This is Sugar I bought him whilst I was at the craft fair in November. He's got pride of place next to her tree. He was supposed to be a gift for a friend but Lily fell in love with him, so he's staying now

The Christmas Pudding runner under Lily's tree

See you tomorrow x

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Day Two: One Week Of Christmas

 This is a my tree. It is starting to fill up with gifts already

This is one of my favourite tin wall hangings which I always have up every year.

My friend Pat gave me this decoration a few years ago and I love it.

My Fireplace with a half finished Garland on it. I'm hoping to get everything finished by Thursday as I have got my hand op on Friday.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Cheryll's One week of Christmas

I have joined Cheryll over at Gone Stitchin in her One week of Christmas Link up Party. All we have to do is post a picture or two on your blog this week, either one a day or just once and see who pops over for a sneaky peak.

So here goes my first couple of photos. 
I love the garland on my staircase I made it a few of years ago and I seem to keep adding a few more things to it every year this year it was Orange Slices.The stockings I made last year and I love them.

This is the Welcome hanging in my hall. I spotted it last year in a garden centre and my wonderful friend Sharron treated me to it. Aren't good friends the most wonderful thing ever.

See you tomorrow.
Melanie xxx

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Santa Sack Swap Goodies & More

My Christmas Stocking from Pauline  it seriously overflowing. I cant wait for next week when should get the go ahead to open them. I can't believe I have not tried to peek yet.

I have made this small cross stitched cushion for Lily's Chair. 
I don't think she is going to fit in it for much longer though but it does look nice with a cushion in it, so it can stay.

I love this door hanger I have finished this week. It's soooo cute!

I thought I would show you my favourite Christmas Runner. I finished it a couple of years ago but as it only get used once a year it always feels like it's new. I should have ironed it before I took the photo but I got a little over excited.

Hope everyone has a productive run up to Christmas.

Melanie xxx

Monday, 26 November 2012

I had a great time at the Craft Fair it was really busy, in spite of the awful weather conditions. We did really well.

Now it is back to the sewing machine to get the rest of my Christmas gifts done before the operation.
I have also got 3 Swap parcels to get posted out today.  Santa Sack SwapLaalaa's Advent Swap and  Christmas Stitches Exchange . Then I think I will be able to relax for a few hours. 

These are my Gingerbread Men Garlands I love how they turned out.

My Snow Cushion I wondered when I started appliqueing them why I hadn't chosen an easier less complicated shape but I loved the end product.

Tree Cushion

Hop you all have a good week. xxx

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Chaos Ends

I haven't posted for a while as I have been really busy getting swaps together and things ready for the Craft Fair at Kedleston Hall tomorrow.

Kedleston Hall near Derby

It is all set up now just have to make a few price tags tonight and relax. Something I haven't done for a few weeks.

I have received the date for my Carpel Tunnel Op! 14th December! 
 I am in a total spin now trying to get everything done for Christmas before then. As I don't expect I will be able to do much with my hand after the op for a while. 

More photos to follow as I left the camera at the Fair when I set up.

Happy stitching 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Here come the Boys

I am really loving my gingerbread boys. I say boys as they are not finished growing yet! When they are complete I can call them men.

I can't decide whether to make them into a Gingerbread Garland or just leave them single any ideas would be appreciated. 

I've also been making Rag Wreaths for the Craft Fair. I just sit in front of the TV with one of my favourite shows on and away I go into a world of my own. They only take about 45 minutes to make, so thats all good.

I have just got to put a ribbon on them and away they go. 
The Craft Fair is only 2 weeks away, so I need to get myself into gear and stop dithering about.
I'm off to our little sewing group now. 

Happy Stitching Melanie xxx

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Happy Halloween I was creating right up until the last moment! I saw these labels on a free printables site and thought I've got bottles I can do that and Ta-Da here they are.

Next it was the GIANT pumpkins I grew this year I think I have a case for Trade Descriptions. The biggest one I grew was the size of a golf ball. I don't think I will try them again!

The pumpins that the girls carved were really good .

They looked great in the dark.

They both braved the awful weather to go TRICK OR TREATING.
They came back with bulging bags that will keep them going until Christmas!

I thought I would show you the really cute tea-light holder that came to me in the Halloween Swap.
It looks amazing all lit up. Thanks again to The Blueberry Heart.

This was my last make for Halloween. I love it!

I hope you all had a Spooky Halloween.
Melanie xxx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Christmas Makes

I have knuckled down this week and made some stockings for the Craft Fayre at Kedleston Hall.
 I can't make my mind up if I should embellish them or leave them plain. But I don't think I can face making another one for a while as these are just a few of the ones I made.

If I was not making stockings I was making hearts from a link I found onClare's Craftroom Under The Christmas Tree. They were really quick and easy to make. I have just got to put a ribbon on them and they are done.

I think I like the red one best.

Or maybe the white.

Hope you all have a very productive week. 
Melanie xxx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Boo !

I'm loving all the Halloween things that are about at the minute. I was printing Lily some free colouring sheets off when I found this one. I thought it would make a fantastic Mini Hanging/Mat. I love how it turned out. You can't really see the quilting but have gone round the stars and it looks quite effective.

I hope you all have a productive week.
Melanie xxx

Friday, 5 October 2012

Halloween Swap Goodies

The postman came a knocking this morning and he had the most fabulous parcel for me from The Blueberry Heart. Inside was: A beautifully bright package full of goodies.

A Bar of Alien Chocolate mmmmmmmm.. , Cute Cross Stitch & a 2012 Pumpkin

Tea-light Jar

Pumpkin Fairy Lights

Gel Window Clings, Hanging Broomstick, Pumpkin Tea-lights & a bag of Mini Pumpkins

Finally a Glittery Witches Boot.

This is the parcel I sent to Blueberry Heart

Halloween Goodies

I also sent a Halloween Charm Pack & Scooby Doo Jelly Sweets but I forgot to put them in the photo. 

Well that is a few of my makes that I haven't been able to show you before now.
Happy Crafting xxxx Melanie