Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Here come the Boys

I am really loving my gingerbread boys. I say boys as they are not finished growing yet! When they are complete I can call them men.

I can't decide whether to make them into a Gingerbread Garland or just leave them single any ideas would be appreciated. 

I've also been making Rag Wreaths for the Craft Fair. I just sit in front of the TV with one of my favourite shows on and away I go into a world of my own. They only take about 45 minutes to make, so thats all good.

I have just got to put a ribbon on them and away they go. 
The Craft Fair is only 2 weeks away, so I need to get myself into gear and stop dithering about.
I'm off to our little sewing group now. 

Happy Stitching Melanie xxx


  1. Love the gingerbread men, think a garland would be gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  2. I really like your ginger bread men and I my daughter agrees too. They're gorgeous. I've never seen a ribbon wreath before. really crafty idea for Chrimbo.