Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Happy Halloween I was creating right up until the last moment! I saw these labels on a free printables site and thought I've got bottles I can do that and Ta-Da here they are.

Next it was the GIANT pumpkins I grew this year I think I have a case for Trade Descriptions. The biggest one I grew was the size of a golf ball. I don't think I will try them again!

The pumpins that the girls carved were really good .

They looked great in the dark.

They both braved the awful weather to go TRICK OR TREATING.
They came back with bulging bags that will keep them going until Christmas!

I thought I would show you the really cute tea-light holder that came to me in the Halloween Swap.
It looks amazing all lit up. Thanks again to The Blueberry Heart.

This was my last make for Halloween. I love it!

I hope you all had a Spooky Halloween.
Melanie xxx


  1. Great makes! Hope you had a spooky Halloween too (good spooky though, not scary!) :-)

  2. Fabulous, looks like you had lots of spooky fun!
    Victoria xx

  3. you are very welcome, it does look nice lit up!I have to disagree with your pumpkins though, I think they look extra cute that size, I'm making a special effort next year to (try and) grow some as I've always left it way too late, glad you had a good, spooky Hallowe'en!
    BH x