Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jubilee Time

It's getting very busy here at the moment with the Jubilee celebrations being this weekend. I'm helping with the Garden Party at my youngest daughter Lily's school, and trying to get my house all patriotic too. I have been making red white and blue bunting all week and have just hung some of it in the garden.  Just got the front to do now :s

Here is my DD Rowan sitting in the garden waiting for her lunch . It has been so sunny here for the past few weeks. I hope it isn't too dull for the weekend . Fingers crossed. 

I really should have trimmed the loose cotton off  before I took the photo but that has been remedied now. 

This is what my DD was waiting for Salad a glass of Wine and  Strawberry Chocolate Cake, freshly made this morning before work I was quite industrious really. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

A New Project

Hello everyone. I have been busy this week making bunting for Jubilee Weekend . I used the free tutorial fromGrace Designs I found it alot easier to press the bunting into shape using a card template. It's nearly finished only need to sew it onto the bias tape now. I thought I had enough but as normal I was 4 ft short. This means a trip into town which I could do without to be honest, but I will be up with the Lark in the morning and off to town.

I am also doing theSanta Sack Swap hosted by Cheryll. So I have been busy making a Santa Sack. Photos later when Pauline has received it along with her other gifts. I'm not sure how I have managed it this week as Lily was off school ill on Monday and Tuesday. She's fighting fit now and back to her usual mischievous self.

My friend Margaret gave me a kit she bought ages ago and decided she was never going to do. I love it and can't wait to get it started, but I need to finish a few other things before I start something new  :(

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Forgetful Me

I had myself all organized on Saturday for the Local Oakwood Quilt Show. It was their first one so I wasn't sure what to expect.
But it was very good, they were well organized and the quilts were beautiful.
I had planned to take some photos to put on my blog, I made sure that I put my camera in full view on Friday so I would remember to pick it up.
Yes you know what is coming next I FORGOT it so no pictures!

I did buy a really cute patchwork bag which I thought I might use it as a new make up bag I fell in love with it and at the bargin price of  £4  I couldn't say no.

On the way home I thought I would call in to the new T K Maxx store and I saw this gardening bag for £5.  I'm going to use it for carrying my quilting tools etc. Lots of etc....... in as my other one is far too small. 

What can I say two bargins in one day how lucky am I.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Friends With Benefits Swap

Kathy from Sew Happy House received her swap parcel that I mailed. So I can post the photos now. I really enjoyed making the cushion and choosing the other gifts. I'm glad she liked them.

These two photos I borrowed from Kathy's Blog. I didn't take any close-ups( I sometimes wonder about myself ! ) 

I picked these buttons up when I went for some fabric to Quiltessential . A beautiful quilt shop located in the historic Armstrong's Mill in the Derwent Valley. With a very helpful and knowledgeable owner Ann Mayner.

A new shop had opened opposite Arum Lilie Designs selling handmade pewter items, Georgian accessories and giftware. So I thought I must pop in to see what they sold and fell in love with these buttons straight away. I think I might have to return and buy some for myself.


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sewing Sunday

Good morning to everyone out there. I woke bright and early this morning 5.30 am and thought a whole day of sewing cant wait. It is 9.30 and I have already finished my first project of the day :).

'Jenny Henny' She is my Pincushion Swap at Clare's Craftroom

Next on the agenda is a Peg Bag for my sister Helen's Birthday tomorrow. She saw mine and said she would love one. As I'm filling her patio tubs with flowers for her present I need something to wrap,  the weather isn't ready for bedding plants yet as we are still having frosts. It still feels like winter here brrrr...
I'm going to try and update my blog later in the day so here goes. Off to find my rotary cutter it seams to be hiding . Sneaky thing.

The rotary cutter was found hiding under a pile of fabric. I wonder how it got there ?  Housework Fairy I think I don't know how else. Tee Hee . 
I got Helen's Peg Bag done, well I think it is finished I can't decide if I need to embellish it or not!

Well back to the sewing I still have at least 6 hours sewing time left mind you I suppose I ought to feed the family at some point. Shepherds pie I think. Going for the easy option today, roast tomorrow.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Wonderful New Friend

I was paired with Kathy who hosted the Friends With Benefits swap.
I was so excited when Kathy's package arrived on Tuesday. I couldn't wait to open it, inside I found 'LUCY' my new doll, she was dressed in two of my favorite colours too, red and blue  :) There was also a pincushion with a beautiful cross-stitched Gum Flower on it. Thank you so much Kathy I really love them.x

I hope you like your gift package when it arrives Kathy.x