Thursday, 24 May 2012

A New Project

Hello everyone. I have been busy this week making bunting for Jubilee Weekend . I used the free tutorial fromGrace Designs I found it alot easier to press the bunting into shape using a card template. It's nearly finished only need to sew it onto the bias tape now. I thought I had enough but as normal I was 4 ft short. This means a trip into town which I could do without to be honest, but I will be up with the Lark in the morning and off to town.

I am also doing theSanta Sack Swap hosted by Cheryll. So I have been busy making a Santa Sack. Photos later when Pauline has received it along with her other gifts. I'm not sure how I have managed it this week as Lily was off school ill on Monday and Tuesday. She's fighting fit now and back to her usual mischievous self.

My friend Margaret gave me a kit she bought ages ago and decided she was never going to do. I love it and can't wait to get it started, but I need to finish a few other things before I start something new  :(

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  1. Love your bunting - and especially the idea of Jubilee week! I wish we had one here in Australia. Last year we held a grand party for The Wedding....inviting everyone here to our 'palace" in Kensington Gardens, lol. Glad to hear your daughter is well now. Amazing how quickly they bounce back, isn't it?