Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sewing Sunday

Good morning to everyone out there. I woke bright and early this morning 5.30 am and thought a whole day of sewing cant wait. It is 9.30 and I have already finished my first project of the day :).

'Jenny Henny' She is my Pincushion Swap at Clare's Craftroom

Next on the agenda is a Peg Bag for my sister Helen's Birthday tomorrow. She saw mine and said she would love one. As I'm filling her patio tubs with flowers for her present I need something to wrap,  the weather isn't ready for bedding plants yet as we are still having frosts. It still feels like winter here brrrr...
I'm going to try and update my blog later in the day so here goes. Off to find my rotary cutter it seams to be hiding . Sneaky thing.

The rotary cutter was found hiding under a pile of fabric. I wonder how it got there ?  Housework Fairy I think I don't know how else. Tee Hee . 
I got Helen's Peg Bag done, well I think it is finished I can't decide if I need to embellish it or not!

Well back to the sewing I still have at least 6 hours sewing time left mind you I suppose I ought to feed the family at some point. Shepherds pie I think. Going for the easy option today, roast tomorrow.


  1. lovely projects Melanie,well done.xx

  2. ooh i love the chook super cute !