Saturday, 29 November 2014

Busy busy......

It's been such a hectic couple of weeks getting swaps ready for the off. Thankfully now they are all done and off to their recipients. It didn't help when the computer went kaput too, I think it may be on it's last legs!

Just the rest of my handmade presents to make now. That should keep me busy for the next couple of weeks.

I really enjoyed making this Crochet Peppermint bunting, it was nice and quick to put together. The pattern was free on HERE

 I love the cute Robin mini Santa Sack for a swap on Flickr.

I've started to crochet these Fairy Lights this patterns free too on Ravelry. I might use these on the tree and make some more with silver tops, as my lovely children think these look like demented chilli peppers. Thanks kids! What a lovely vote of confidence. It's a good job I love them ;)

Have a great weekend.

Melanie xxx


  1. Its such a busy time of year isn't it. Your projects are beautiful, Love the bird.

  2. Great projects! The bunting looks delicious, that drawstring bag is really sweet (and would make a lovely design for Christmas gift bags in different sizes) and your demented fairy lights (lol) don't look very demented to me - I think they're cute :D I get the same kind of votes of confidence from my kids - it's a good thing they're cute, LOL!

  3. Lol! I love the little robin :)

  4. Such gorgeous things!
    Thanks so much for adding your link x