Friday, 5 December 2014


Here are a couple of Swap parcels that have made their way through the Christmas post to my doorstep. 

The first one is a Biscornu Swap hosted by the wonderful Ingrid over at Mii Stitch 
Stacey made these wonderful things for me. She was so generous 
My beautifully stitched Biscornu.
A cute Scandi shoe.
Thank you Stacey I loved them.


My second parcel came from Kira. This was a mini Sack Swap.
She sent lots of beautiful goodies. 
The sweet treats she sent were a real treat, both were Pecan based and I have to say Pecans are my absolute favourite.

I  can't believe how generous people are when participating in Swaps. 
Thanks to all the Swap Mamas and participants. You're Great!


I have been crafting a little too. 
These Poinsettia's are so simple and require no sewing only glue.
Here is the tutorial link.
They look fabulous as a brooch, hair clip or present trim.

Have a great weekend/

Melanie xxx


  1. Oh my, you have been a lucky girl. These swap gifts are so lovely, it is true that people are really kind and generous. x

  2. Fabulous exchange!! Love the gifts you've received :)