Friday, 27 September 2013

A Free Weekend

Lily has gone away on an outward bound holiday with school for 3 days. 
The plan was to spend Friday sewing, Yarndale on Saturday and sewing again on Sunday.
On Wednesday I was heading out for a coffee with my sister but on the way BANG a car hit me hard from behind. 
Lots of pain and damage to the car.
 There is no way I could walk around all day at Skipton. I'm not happy! 
But all is not lost at least I can sit and sew on Saturday with a good film on for company.

Before Lily went she made me some scrummy  mini cupcakes to keep me going. She is so sweet. 
I hope she's having a wonderful time. It's so quiet and I'm missing her alot.

I have finished the bag for Lia's tote bag swap
I enjoyed hand sewing the hexagons it was very theraputic. I do hope my partner likes it. 

I'm hoping to get alot more done tomorrow fingers crossed. 

Melanie xxx


  1. Your hexie bag is so sweet, Its funny how we react when our kids go away, we look foreward to some quiet time but at the time we miss them like crazy.

  2. Goodness, I hope you are alright! How terrible to have a car accident right at the beginning of your mini "vacation." The tote bag is really, really cute!

  3. I'm sorry about you and your car - and your cancelled plans especially! I hope you enjoy a calm, quiet weekend...cupcakes and sewing time should help nurture you! Chrissie x PS Bunny just returned from her class trip yesterday, I totally understand how you're feeling with your gal going!

  4. Oh no, Mel - how horrible, hope you're doing ok and feeling much better soon. Look after yourself, how sweet of little Lily to ensure you had yummy cupcakes to keep you company :-)
    I so badly wanted to go to Yarndale too, but not going to be able to make it this year either. Love your bag, I'm going to attempt to sew my first ever bag today.
    Take care of you & enjoy a resting weekend,

  5. I'm so sorry you can't walk around... I hope you feel better soon Mel. The cupcakes look so delicious! And the bag is lovely!
    Enjoy your weekend relaxing at home!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear of your accident and hope you are soon feeling okay again! Our bodies take a while to get over just the shock of such things quite apart from any damage done.
    I love your hexie bag - you've done a lovely job with it, and I was so impressed with your little one baking for you before she went.
    Take good care of yourself now.
    Joy xo

  7. I have spent a while away from Blogland and am just catching up. So sorry to hear about the crash. I do hope that you are feeling better.
    Jille xx