Monday, 9 September 2013

Stitching Sunday

I am loving Chrissie's Stitching Sunday.

This week she was giving us some tips on transferring your embroidery designs to fabric her tips are really useful.

I have just started to use a Sulky iron -on transfer pen. This is the first project I have used it for and I so wish I had read the instructions before I had.
After transferring to the fabric I thought the image was clear enough. But when I got it under a bright craft light is wasn't really dark enough but I used it as I couldn't reposition it.

I have now read the instructions and have tried them out. amazingly (not) it was so much better. Note to self:- READ instructions before use.
How many of us don't?
I am sure I'm not the only one who does this.

The only down side I can see to this method is that the drawn lines are permanent and they are quite thick. I'm not sure if I'm going to use this as my main method of transferring designs or if I will return to the trusty Light box and pencil.
We'll have to see how it goes.

This is the progress I made on my bird table embroidery. I really like how the snow seams to stand out on the roof and snowflakes.

I have just got the chimney and borders to do so hopefully next Sunday I can finish it. 

Thanks Chrissie for hosting. Its great to see what everyone is up to. 

Hugs Melanie xxx


  1. Your bird table is soooo pretty Melanie! Is that satin stitch for the snow? I ordered an iron-on transfer pen after reading about it on Joyjinks Creations' blog - I'll definitely read the instructions, thanks for the tip! ;-) Chrissie x

    1. Thanks Chrissie. Yes it's satin stitch. Not a stitch I use very much but it is effective.

    2. Your bird table is so cute, I love the snow on the roof and the holly is stunning. It's gorgeous
      Clare x

    3. Thanks for your lovely comment Clare x

  2. Hi Melanie - I saw you had joined Chrissie's stitchalong so popped in to say 'hi' and to see what you're busy with! I adore your little bird house - that is the cutest thing and you're doing a fab job with it!
    I have the same problem with the transfer pen Melanie, so I try to keep the pressure light but the lines still come out quite thick, often requiring full six-strands of thread to cover them! I also have a pencil which works well but it's indelible also! We'll have to keep looking for a finer tipped pen/pencil, which would be the perfect remedy I think!
    Enjoy the stitch along!
    Joy x

    1. Hi Joy
      Thanks for following me and for the lovely comment. I've bought a couple of frixion pens which look as if they are going to be quite useful. They are alot finer and the line is removed by ironing. I've tried it and it seems ok. xxx

    2. Thanks for your lovely comment xxx

  3. Your little embroidery project is looking very pretty already.
    M x

  4. Your embroidery project is so so lovely and I am so looking forward to seeing it finished as it might just be a little house for my little robin, it is so sweet. Happy stitching xoxo