Friday, 31 January 2014

Chicky Chicks

I've had a busy sewing week. Hurrah my stitching mojo has returned.

I've been making little Chicky Birds. The pattern was from Love Patchwork and Quilting Issue 3
I have made 3 in felt and I've got 3 more cut out in material so far. They are so addictive. I might tweak the pattern a little to give them a bigger tail but that's something for another day.

It was my Baby Boys 22nd Birthday last week so I baked him his favourite Milk Chocolate cake from the BeRo book. 
I use that book so much. I'd be lost without it!

My Boy & Me

Have a great weekend whatever you do.
Melanie xxx


  1. Aww the little birdies are soooo cute and Happy Birthday to your son
    Clare xx

  2. Happy birthday to your big boy!!! Love your little birds, they are adorable!! The buttons on their wings really look cute :)

  3. Those birdies look very tweet!!! LOL!
    Happy birthday to your son :)