Sunday, 13 October 2013

Christmas QAL

What awful weather we had yesterday. It never stopped raining!
I got soaked to the skin when I ventured out to collect Lily's Birthday cake.

 I did get some sewing done when I got back. 

I made a couple of Cheryll's Bon Bons Free pattern here. I adapted it slightly and put felt Holly and Berries on instead of the fabric square.
I think I will be making lots more of these. They look so cute.

I also started on a few Christmas Felt decorations.  I have had the kit for years and decided it was time for them to see the light. They are small and portable so I can take them with me and do bits here and there.

I thought I would opt for the healthy snack option.I had a lovely healthy fruit platter instead of cake.
I will be getting some of that today at Lily's Roller Skating Party. (What was I thinking? All those children on wheels). 
She will love it though and hopefully be very tired when we get home so bath and bed (fingers crossed) I may even get some more sewing done,)

I hope we all have a good weekend and get lots if sewing done.

Melanie xxx


  1. Another Christmas addict I see! Those Bon-Bons are lovely. Nice touch with the felt decorations. Wish it would rain here, you lucky thing!

  2. Those BonBons are the cutest. I see you can use them to put in candy, but they would also hold a small gift or gift card. Nice idea. Cute ornaments, too. Thanks for joining in again. Happy Birthday, to Lily.

  3. Those bonbons are really sweet (no pun intended), as are the felt decos - gosh, time is passing quickly isn't it, half way through October already! Your fruit platter looks so appetizing Melanie, I could go that right now! Happy stitching, Joy x

  4. Your pretty makes are so festive and fun! Chrissie x

  5. Looks like you are having a very productive weekend! Love the bon-bons, what a fab idea and thanks for the link to the tutorial too. Have fun with the roller girls!

  6. I love the mitten. The fruit looks yummy too, but Christmas cake would be better!

  7. Great ideas here! Cute bonbons and mitten!