Monday, 6 August 2012

Lighthouse Quilt

I managed to get my Lighthouse Quilt finished before I went on holiday. 
The photo was  taken before I put the binding on,I am really pleased with
how it turned out.

I have just got back from my holiday in Norfolk so normal blogging will now be resumed.

We had a great time and the weather was very kind to us it only rained once.

We went to Norfolk Lavender it was amazing and I spent far too much on plants and Lavender.

Lily spent far too much on Ice Cream but we all had a wonderful time.

While I was away my Jar of  Love swap needed to be posted so that came on holiday too.
To see what was in the jar pop over to Rosalily and have a look.

When we got back we found we had a new Robin visiting us , a young one from the brood of our regular Robin's he is so tame. He hopped up the path next to me I couldn't believe it.


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  1. Love the robin (so cute!). I checked online and it looks like they tried to deliver your jar today but left you a card :( Hope you get it soon xxxx