Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sweet Treats

Hello as it is lovely and sunny at the moment. I thought I would treat us all and make a Coffee & Walnut Cake. I think it is about the only cake that everyone likes besides Chocolate Brownies. I did make some of those but they were gone even before they cooled so no photos of those but here is the cake.

I will work off the calories tomorrow as we have a full day of gardening in store.
Allotment in the morning. We only got it a month ago and it was like a jungle. We have managed to get half of it under control , so tomorrow we start on the other half.
Home garden in the afternoon. I think I will be slapping the factor 50 on as the forecast is for a scorcher.


  1. Ooh that looks scrummy Melanie!
    Victoria xx

  2. hello there! Thank you very much for popping by and joining in the swap - I hope you thoroughly enjoy it! I'm just going to enjoy reading through your lovely blog with a cuppa (its pouring down here) only thing that'd make it better would be a slice of that amazing cake!!!
    Have a great day!
    BH x

  3. Hello again Melanie,
    Just popping by to say I am your partner in the Haunting halloween swap - hope that is ok with you! Regards the swap, have you any favourites or preferences?? If so please let me know and I'll try and incorporate into your parcel. I have lots of ideas too - oooh, great fun is Hallowe'en - LOVE it!
    Thanks again
    BHx (Kerry)

  4. Hi there - I just hopped over from Blueberry Heart to have a wee peek and say hello. Your cake looks sooo yummy and had a giggle at the brownies disappearing before they've even cooled down - we have the same problem in our house! Look forward to following you and hope you'll pop around and visit me at gillymakes... sometime too. xo