Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Bag For My Crochet

I have started making granny squares but I looked rather disorganised  carrying it about in the bag from the wool shop. So I made this bag with a fabric I really like .It has tiny blue birds and red hearts which don't really show up too well on the photo. But that is why it has blue handles and red flowers.
The flowers are from Sew Pretty Homestyle and I really enjoyed making them, and will be making a few more of those I think. The photo is a little fuzzy but I had had a few glasses of wine when I took it so that's my excuse.(HicHic)

My Lighthouse quilt is coming along nicely too I am at the quilting stage, a good job really as I need it next Friday. The photo shows the centre of the quilt I will take another when it is finished.


  1. Beautiful roses. Its funny but I had my Tilda book out and have the roses on my list to embellish makeup bags!

  2. Love your bag, very pretty!
    Victoria xx

  3. Love the bag and the quilt Melanie - you're a clever little crafter xoxox

  4. Such a lovely bag..I really like the pretty fabric you have used :)
    Magie x