Friday, 19 July 2013

What A Busy Week

It's been all go this week as its the last week of school, there are lots of performances and bags full of things from school to find homes for. The heat has been really oppressive. I wanted to get some sewing done but not much of that has happened. 


I did have a trip to our new Hobbycraft. I bought this lovely calico wool and I've started to crochet some Granny Triangle Bunting. I love the look of the bunting and can't wait to get it finished. (only done a couple so far though.)

As most of the plants in our back garden are in pots I have spent alot of time watering them in the evenings. I found a novel way of cooling myself down too.

So refreshing.........

Melanie xxx


  1. Happy holidays Mel ... the bunting looks gorgeous ~ Sarah x

  2. Lovely bunting Melanie. I love the Calico wool its so lovely and soft.

  3. I really like the buntings, too! I also have lots of pots of flowers and the watering is needed often!

  4. I love the colours you'vr choosen for your bunting my Yarndale pennants went in the post today, but I'm still in the midst of making some for the Summerhouse.
    Clare x

  5. Love the pretty bunting & yarn - are you going to Yarndale? Tee hee -I love the idea of watering feet along with the garden!
    Have a lovely weekend

  6. Oh the bunting looks fabulous!! Enjoy the weekend ... I'm off to water my feet ... ahhhhh!!! xxx

  7. Pretty bunting, Mel. Good plan for cooling down! x

  8. Those balls of wool are the most gorgeous colours - like sugared almonds.

  9. That yarn looks gorgeous, I love the ice cream like colours you have there.
    M x

  10. Melanie the colors in your triangle are lovely! It reminds me of melons!
    Have a great rest of your weekend,