Saturday, 8 June 2013


This is the result of my Friday night's sewing. I made this needle case. It's going to go into my gift box. I'm not sure who is going to receive it though.

I've also decided to join in with the Christmas Quilt Along over at Needle,Thread, Happiness

The Challenge
Make a quilt on the theme of Christmas without using the colours red or green.
The small print:
·         The quilt may be any style, as long as it has two layers of fabric enclosing wadding, secured by quilting or tying
·         It may be any shape, but must measure no more than 96” around the outside edges.  ie, it could be a square 24” x 24”, a rectangle  8” x  40”, a triangle measuring 36” on each side,  a circle with a diameter of 30”, or any other shape you can think of, as long as the total outside edges do not add up to more than 96”
I've been rummaging through my Christmas fabrics it looks like its going to be blue and white as almost all my other fabrics have red or green in them. 

Well I had better get back to it as I haven't decided what to do yet.


  1. Lovely needle case indeed, and the Christmas quilt challenge sounds fun!

  2. Your needle case is really cute, the challenge sounds like great fun, can t wait to see what you come up with