Wednesday, 22 May 2013


It was my sisters birthday a week ago and instead of buying her a gift she asked me if I would make her some lilac bunting for her garden. So here it is all made and ready to go.

Just as I was making it, in wandered Lily "Oooo mummy I like that! Could you please make me some for my playhouse?" Just when I thought I had nearly finished. O well looks like I'm going to be busy!

I bought this pattern early last year and thought I could get it done for Halloween last year haahaa! I have made a concerted effort to get it started this year. The outer blocks are well on there way to being done but its a juggling act as I really want to get on with my Celebrating Freedom quilt. I need a timetable I think!

Happy Stitching
Hugs Melanie xxx


  1. Cute bunting, I'm sure your next lot/s will look cute too :) Good luck with your Halloween deadline, certainly looks like a fun pattern :)

  2. Very nice bunting, and what a great idea for a birthday pressie!

  3. Oh the bunting is so pretty, I keep meaning to make some.

  4. I love the bunting, really want to have a go at making some....

    Yeh a time schedule would be great, but then you need to have thyme to make the time