Monday, 14 March 2016

Spring has Sprung

Spring is finally here it was such a sunny morning I thought I would make some pancakes with frozen summer berries and a coconut yoghurt as a treat after the school rush.
They were delicious!
We've been out in the garden clearing up from winter and planning for the summer. 
Even a ladybird has ventured out on the Hellebores.
 My DH thinks I have gone mad as I've decided the a lot of the plants should go as they have seen better days. I think he would just leave everything where it is, but quite a few of the plants have seen better days and some are just far too invasive.

This week I've got a couple of Swap parcels to finish and post out, so I'm going to be a busy little bee wrapping and packing.

I can't believe how quickly Easter has come round, it doesn't seem like five minutes since Christmas. I'd better add getting the Easter decs out to my list of jobs to do this week or it will all be over before I realise it.

Have a fabulous week.

Melanie xxx


  1. Time is certainly flying by. It is so wonderful to finally get back out into the garden isn't it!!!

  2. Everyone is going sunshine crazy and waking up from winter in blogland. Happy gardening, Jo x

  3. Just to be outside is just so wonderful and I am looking in pots to wonder if the plants are worth keeping or if they have succumbed ? Lovely suggestion for the pancakes..yum yum .xx

  4. Oh your breakfast does look good & it is lovely to be outside in the sunshine xx

  5. I think you are right, sometimes you need to let old plants go when they are past it. You could try dividing them and see if that helps to reinvigorate any you are especially attached to. xx

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