Monday, 2 February 2015

Owls Again!

I'm sitting writing this and thinking of what I should do with my free week. Lily had gone to France with school and Rowan is staying at her boyfriends. 

I suppose I should have planned something, but I'm suffering from acute toothache caused by a couple of abscesses.  I'm hoping the tablets the dentist prescribed kick in soon, as I'm so over the amount of pain they're causing me.

Last week was quite a productive week and I got lots done but I can't post about some of them until they have reached their destinations.

I can show you two more Owls that flew into the gift box last week though.
From left to right  Ivy, Sharron and Helga.

I've really enjoyed making the owls they're quick and easy which is always a bonus. I had better put my thinking cap on and decide what to do this week.

Have a great week.
Melanie xxx

Melanie xxx

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  1. Hope you feel better soon Melanie!
    The owls look so cute :)