Saturday, 7 June 2014


I had a little visitor while I was sewing last night. 
His name is Thunder and he was a naughty boy, as I was sewing he decided to have a gnaw at my seagrass baskets!

Naughty Thunder!

He didn't listen so after two more attempts at the basket, it was back to the hutch for him!

Then it was my turn for a basket. I decided to make a scrap basket for my sewing table.

I chose a basket tutorial from The Stitching Room it was a really simple pattern to follow. I'll be making a few more of these for the gift box.

I was really careful to make sure I had the fabric going the right way, until I sewed the sides.
I sewed the inside on the outside and vica versa, by the time I realised I only had side left to do. So as it's for me I left it.

Note to self : Don't sew when you're tired!

Hope you all had a good evening crafting. I'm off to see what the other girls were up to. Why not pop over and have a look too.

Melanie xxx


  1. Great idea for keeping your scraps in. Love the photo of Thunder

  2. Gorgeous fur baby.
    Love the fabric basket. I haven't had much success making them so far

  3. I love your little furry friend I have a soft spot for bunnies have had a few over the years. Your scrap basket is very cute. I have seen that tutorial so must give it a go someday.
    HUGS. Roz

  4. Naughty bunny, but oh so cua good finishte..

  5. comment should have read but oh so cute..a good finish..somehow I typed in the middle of the word cute

  6. That's a really cute little scrap basket. I followed the link and would you believe I think I must be tired tonight too... my poor brain just wouldn't compute those instructions. You are a genius in my book. Love Thunder... the real and the bunny kind.

  7. Naughty little bunny, Your scrap basket is so sweet, well done.

  8. I love little Thunder, so sweet he is! I sometimes get a bit mixed up with up and down and left and right whilst sewing and blame my left-handedness and being a Gemini - that gets blamed for so much, haha!!! The little bag is lovely Melanie and I do like your choice of fabrics - really, it doesn't matter whether the pattern is up or down, it's still very pretty and so useful! xoJoy