Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Lady Like Swap

I joined in the Lady Like cross stitch swap hosted by Lisa @ Stitch Create Exchange.

These are the lovely gifts I received form Kay.

This is the cross stitched piece I made for Tina.
A Mannequin cushion. The fabric I used was from Downton Abbey's Lady Edith collection. 

These are the other gifts I sent with the cushion.

I loved all the gifts that I received. Thank you so much Kay

Melanie xxx


  1. This was a great swap! All finished pieces are pretty :)

  2. I am envious of your cross stitch, a craft I have struggled with, often.

  3. Great parcels both sent and received Melanie. Glad you enjoyed the round.

  4. Nothing better than a good post day
    Clare xx

  5. Lovely xstitch!!!
    Barb :)