Friday, 29 November 2013

Lily's Tree Coasters

I have had a lot of sewing to do this week but it's all for gifts so I can't show those yet.

Lily has been off school for a few days as they won't let her go because she has conjunctivitis. It's been quite hectic. Going to see Alan in hospital which is a 220 mile round trip and trying to keep Lily occupied. Poor thing her eye is really sore and doesn't seem to be improving even with antibiotic drops.

Yesterday she asked me if I would show her how to use the sewing machine. Of course I was up for that. She made these two Christmas Coasters.

 Hard at work
 One done
Two finished
She really enjoyed making them and was very happy with how they turned out.
I was quite impressed with how quickly she picked it up.
A little Quilter in the making I think.

Have a great weekend

Melanie xxx


  1. That is a lovely moment for you two in the midst of all the chaos happening in your life at the moment! Glad she is smiling, she should be very proud of herself, they are beautiful makes! Best wishes for speedy recoveries for your family, Chrissie x

  2. Well done Lily, your sewing looks lovely. I hope Alan is home with you very soon. Take care

  3. and I bet your proud smiles were even bigger than hers. I do hope your family all recover soon.

  4. You can be proud of Lily, she done a great job. Hope both Lily and Alan will be fine soon. sunny kisses from Rio, Alice

  5. Aww she did really well, I hope everyones feeling better soon.
    Clare x

  6. Oh how wonderful. A chip off the ole block! :)