Friday, 12 April 2013


Easter Holiday on the Yorkshire Coast

We had a lovely time at Honeysuckle Farm near Hornsea. Lily was a bit nervous about feeding the animals at first but soon got over her fear. The scraggy goose in the photos took a dislike to me and hissed   at me and chased me down the field. It looks like butter wouldn't melt but it was so aggressive.

These were taken at Flamborough Head it was a lovely day. Lily hadn't been feeling too well but she really enjoyed the walk.


Flamborough Head Lighthouse


Alan and Lily on Bridlington Beach


  1. Oh! I was hoping you would share holiday photos. I love the scenery. I have run into my share of vile, hissing geese (and ducks, for that matter.) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely to see pictures around where you went.... my dad was from Yorkshire originally..... the coast line looks quite fun.... so many different aspects...

  3. Such beautiful scenery, its gorgeous. Looks cold though.