Saturday, 16 March 2013

Getting Ready For Easter

I have been really busy this week. 
I've made an Easter throw for the back of my sofa. 
One of my favourite blocks is rail fence so I chose that one. 
I really like log cabin too but I am making a quilt for my son using that one so I thought I would have a change

This is the table runner. I used charm squares from the Moda  "It's a Hoot" range I have had them in my drawer for ages so I thought I would use some of them for this runner.
I'm really happy with how it turned out. I used loops of white wool for it's cottontail.
I'm undecided whether or not to give them an eye or just leave them as they are. There is a bunny on each end of the runner. I've named them Billie & Bob.

Hope you all have a very crafty week. Melanie  xxx


  1. They are very nice and Springy!

  2. Happy spring colours, fresh as a daisy. xx

  3. You do gorgeous work - love the bunnies. I love Easter but it isn't huge in NZ - only around 16% of people go to church here and it is also hard to find Easter things in the shops.