Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Day Three: One week Of Christmas

I thought today I would show you Lily's Christmas decorations. This is her pink tree with heart and teardrop baubles. She has decided to put it on top of my oak blanket box on the landing. She also decided to use my Christmas Pudding runner.

This is Sugar I bought him whilst I was at the craft fair in November. He's got pride of place next to her tree. He was supposed to be a gift for a friend but Lily fell in love with him, so he's staying now

The Christmas Pudding runner under Lily's tree

See you tomorrow x


  1. I'm enjoying your photos this week! Is that a flashlight in the pink tree? I love the pudding quilt--there probably aren't many of those here in the states. That horse is gorgeous! I don't think I could give it away, either.

  2. LoVe "Sugar"..just gorgeous! How wonderful to have a pink tree... so bright and creative. Thanks for letting me come over again! :)