Thursday, 7 June 2012

Two New Swaps

I was going to show you some photos of a few Christmas things I have finished and started over the past week, but my memory card has been misplaced (by me). I took it to print out some photos and didn't put it back in. Now I can't find it anywhere. :(  So it is off to town for me tomorrow to get a new one. I hope it stops raining soon it hasn't hardly stopped in 2 days and I got soaked today. So I don't want to do that again.

I have joined 2 new Swaps this week so at least there will be some pictures.

The first one is being run by Katie at Booty-ful Things it's the Jar Of Love Swap . I am really looking forward to getting lots of bits and pieces together and seeing how much I can actually fit into the Jar including a handmade gift.

The second one is run by Lynda at Hookin' with Laalaa  called All Things British. So I am on the lookout for all things British now . I can't believe how much there is out there the choices are endless. Decisions  decisions :)  
It's running at the same time as the Jar of Love swap so I'm going to be a very busy Melanie for the next couple of months. At least I am quiet well along with my Santa Sack Swap gifts.


  1. Thanks for joining in my swap. I keep seeing little bits and bobs in the shops and thinking... will that get in my jar! Should be great fun! Love Katie xxxx

  2. Good luck hunting! Swaps are so much fun aren't they! :)

  3. Hi Mel - thanks for stopping by. I've bought my jar for the swap and am already thinking of bits and bobs for it. XX